Interested in becoming our business partner?

We are currently partnered with some great entrepreneurs that act as our distributors or resellers in certain regions nationwide. As a result of these great relationships, we are always open to discussing potential partnerships in new regions that are currently under-developed. If you don’t see a region listed under our current distributors, drop us a line and we’d be happy to discuss possible partnership!

What type of partnership do you provide?

We offer two main types of partnership: Distributor and Reseller or Agent.

Distributors will stock our products and resell them in their territories as well as provide service to customers and maintain consistent branding and marketing efforts within their territories

Resellers will connect us with sales opportunities to end-customers and develop deals on a commission basis.

Do you already have a distributor in my region?

If you’ve checked on our current Stores and Resellers list and haven’t found your area listed, it may be in negotiations or completely open. Contact us and find out!

How can i become a distributor?

We require a few basic things when considering partnerships:

  • Do you have a registered company in good standing?
  • Is our products suitable to your existing market and business model?
  • Do you have a realistic and achievable sales strategy and projection?
  • Do you have experience managing fashion brands or do you have experience in fashion retail related industry in the last three years?

What are the requirements to become an exclusive distributor or a franchise partner?

Exclusivity is generally reserved for partners who have developed a good working relationship with us over several years or have performed on a high level in their territory in a short period of time. If you are interested in exclusivity, we are open to discussing it as long as you have a strong business case to present.